Hunting Tours In England, Scotland & Ireland

The tradition of hunting in the United Kingdom is as old as its history. The place is the most popular destination for hunting lovers. There are three countries popular for hunting namely, England, Scotland, and Wales. The most common animals which are known as adequate hunting targets are deer, birds, pheasants, and grouse. The hunt of various creatures in the United Kingdom is performed to manage intensively and promotes sustainable and well-balanced wildlife. To count, there are numerous species available for hunting as per Deer variety, like red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, Pere David deer and many more. Let’s start with one by one

  1. Hunting in England:

Diana Hunting Tours are highly recommended. England has different varieties of deer species like Roe deer, native red deer, Fallow deer, Muntjac deer, and the most popular Sika. It is also the most captivating destination for usual shooting regarding small games. Partridge and Pheasant shot are also on demand by hunters. The activity is carried out in most stylish and classic types. We need to take care of some familiar thing while doing hunt for deer especially. While stalking across English estates, hunting the Muntjac between the sherbs is highly problematic due to the presence of Pheasant. It is the same case with Chinese water deer. People mostly like these two species due to its endemic in nature. What hunters do to make it the memorable hunting experience is combing the deer hunt with bird hunt. Another prevalent hunting animal is roebucks; people generally come in spring to hut the creature. England chooses that place as an accurate location for hunting which has long back history related to hunting like estates and castles. The hunters also popularly known as gamekeepers are renowned and well educated. They give a high level of service with a huge success rate year by year. Crossbow hunting is especially popular. If you would want a suggestion for a list of hunting crossbows, please check out that link. 

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  • Hunting in Scotland:


It is highly recommended to do shooting in Scotland as it is one of the preferable places for hunters. Hunting here would be a lifetime experience for you. The most spectacular r thing which one notices here while stalking is the roar of the wild stage. You will become more enthusiastic while hearing the sound. The experience is purely wild. There is a limited period when you can do hunting here; it is between august till 20th October approximately. It is not only about hunting, but instead, you will feel the traditional epic touch while walking and stalking. The success rate of hunting is very high in Scotland estates. There are various packages available, and you can choose one of them. One being sika deer species, red stag, grouse and Roebuck. Rough shooting is also standard. There are five hunting grounds in Scotland namely, William Fort, Melrose, Brechin, Cairngorm, Ellon. The games in which you can work on our hunt for European Buck and deer, Forest hen, Goose, Pheasant, European Hare, and Pigeon.  Furthermore, there are three forms of hunting techniques which are allowed like the high seat, shotgun hunt and spot and stalk hunt. For Scotland, we recommend the Scandinavian Pro Hunters


  • Hunting in Ireland:


Ireland is well known for its traditional as well as modern hunting. As deer is one of the protected species in Ireland, to do hunting of it, you need to take a license from the government. Hunting here is also time-bound as there is some particular time. Hunting for male fallow deer, male sika and male red deer is done in between 1st September to 31st December. To chase Female and Antlerless Fallow Deer, female and antlerless Sika deer and female and antlerless red deer, you need to come from 1st November to 28th February. For Muntjac deer timings are from 1st September to 31st August. The age limit of doing hunting here is that you shall be above 16 years of age. You must have the permission from the landowner for the shooting. Among the places in Ireland, Northern Ireland is the most famous hunting destination due to its diversity in the wilderness. The specialty of this place is the hunt for European fallow deer, red stage, sika deer and Eurasian woodcock. Throughout Ireland except for the northern one, two types of hunt method is allowed, high seat and spot and stalk hunting. The common area for it is Kerry. Talking about Northern Ireland shotgun type of hunting is popular. In Ireland, compound hunting bows are especially popular. 

Hunting is a recreational activity is an old concept, at the very moment; it is not only about enjoying it but as a sign of maintaining ecological diversity in the landscapes.